The RESHAPE Customer Experience Awards is the industry’s biggest and furthest-reaching celebration. On Oct 26, we will honor the digital disruptors and changemakers pioneering A Brand New Way in CX, around the world, with eighteen awards categories designed to reflect the industry’s breadth, depth and creativity.

This years’ winners will be announced as part of RESHAPE Summit –
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Delivering a winning CX is a team effort – but behind every great team is an amazing CX leader, inspiring everyone to be better, do better, and achieve more. This award congratulates the EMEA leader who has enabled their team to push boundaries in the name of creating a better CX for their customers.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is complex, it involves multiple technologies, stakeholders and team members. That’s why having the right team in place is so important. With the right team on-board, organizations can tackle any challenge or obstacle thrown their way. This award recognizes teams that have excelled or overcame major obstacles, in the name of obsessing over their customer.

This award honors the marketing initiative that demonstrates the most effective use of AI and/or machine learning to drive real-time individualization and provide a tailored customer experience.

This award celebrates brands on the cutting-edge of customer experience. Innovation comes in many forms, from advanced experimentation, to embracing new and emerging channels, or being the first to trial the latest innovations in tech.

This award recognizes brands that have delivered exceptional ROI and results by meeting their consumers in the moments that matter most. The activity can be an ongoing, or one-off campaign. The category will be judged on strategy, execution, results – and creativity.

This award spotlights a business driving loyalty by building meaningful relationships with their customers, through incredible customer experiences. Applicants should showcase how they are retaining customers, increasing customer value, and driving loyalty by becoming a purpose-led partner to their consumers. The activity can be ongoing, or a one-off retention campaign. The category will be judged on strategy, execution, results – and creativity.

This award celebrates for businesses who are able to engage with their customers in a meaningful way, on the highest number of channels, including mobile and emerging channels. A minimum of 4+ channels are required in order to be shortlisted for this category.

This category recognizes organizations that take their customers on an engaging and connected journey. Journeys must include multiple touchpoints, channels, and show how the organization delivers a connected customer journey, recognizing the individuality of their consumers. The activity can be an ongoing, or one-off campaign. The category will be judged on strategy, execution, results – and creativity.

This category celebrates the application and activation of for data insights to supercharge the customer experience with relevance and meaning. Work should explicitly and proactively prove that data was used to inform, support and drive engagement.

This category recognizes the organization that has unlocked transformational results for their business, from customer lifetime value, to profitability, average order value, and conversion rate, through innovating in customer experience. The initiative can be ongoing or fixed-time, but the time lapsed should be a meaningful amount.

This category is reserved for the organization that has made huge leaps to transform their CX, and accelerated major initiatives within their last 12 months.

Transitioning to digital is a business imperative in today’s world – but it takes serious effort. This is a category for anyone who’s completed an effective digital transformation, and who has the results to prove it!

Increasingly, consumers rely on their mobile device, not only for shopping online – but also, as part of the in-store experience. Being mobile-first in an era when consumers have an 8-second attention span, has never been more critical. This award celebrates the best use of mobile, as part of the customer experience.

Increasingly, consumers rely on emerging channels such as WhatsApp, Line, SMS and RCS to engage with the brands they interact with. With efficacy and engagement decreasing in some traditional channels, embracing new channels in a meaningful way has never been more critical for profitability. This award celebrates the best use of emerging channels, as part of the customer experience.

This shemarkable award will celebrate the woman leader who has made the most outstanding and meaningful contribution to her industry and the broader CX community in establishing A Brand New Way™ for crafting customer experiences.

This award recognizes outstanding achievements in the CX industry. An individual or organization may be honored for their commitment and proactiveness in advancing the CX sector forward, and creating impactful change for consumers.

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© 2022 Powered by Insider. All rights reserved.