The Experience Code

Business and technology need to redefine their purpose and become enablers of positive change.

The age of one-sided relationships is over. We’re in a new paradigm, one where brands and customers are equal participants in experiences and work together to disrupt and invest in things that matter to the future of humanity.

Are you adapting, or fading into obscurity?

Change is here.

Consumers want to connect with companies who care about the impact their actions have on people, the environment, the economy, and society – on the local, country, and global levels.

Their voices are only growing louder and stronger.

Customers are buying more than products. They’re seeking meaning and building an identity through their buying decisions. They depend on their tribe to make those decisions. Companies who understand that and connect with tribes through technologies have an opportunity for growth.

Industry leaders, firebrands, and dignitaries are gathering at #RESHAPE21 for honest, unfiltered conversations about how to celebrate experience disruptors, women heroes, and anyone who will accept nothing less than truly inclusive experiences and products. Through technology, we can come together to foster human connections and reshape a more conscientious world, a thriving economy, and accelerated business transformations.

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© 2022 Powered by Insider. All rights reserved.

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