Max Rangeley


Max Rangeley was originally given a scholarship to do a PhD at the London School of Economics but turned this down to go into business, setting up ReboundTAG, the first microchip luggage tag that works in all airports worldwide; it was showcased by Lufthansa, featured on BBC World News and won many entrepreneurship awards. He was hired to run a think tank for a member of Parliament in 2014, and has since joined the boards of two other think tanks. He put technology at the centre of his work, speaking around the world on the power of technology to transform economy and society for the better. In 2016 Max organised the 5 day long Blockchain Summit in the European Parliament - the IMF, World Bank, United Nations, OECD and Europol all attended, the first event of its kind in the world, then in 2018 organised the Future of Artificial Intelligence roundtable discussions in the European Parliament. He is currently setting up his latest company, - the world's first completely pay what you want digital marketplace for ebooks, music, digital art, podcasts, photography and other digital products.