Malcolm Turnbull

29th Prime Minister of Australia

Australia’s 29th Prime Minister (2015-2018) had international careers in law, business and the media before entering politics at the age of 50. 

As Prime Minister, he reformed Australia’s personal income tax, education and childcare systems, oversaw the legalization of same sex marriage and announced the construction of the biggest pumped hydro scheme in the southern hemisphere. 

Globally, Mr Turnbull played a leading role in reviving the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP-11) after the United States withdrew. He also struck deals with US Presidents Obama and Trump to accept refugees who tried to arrive in Australia illegally by boat. 

As a lawyer, Mr Turnbull successfully defended former MI5 agent Peter Wright against the British Government in the “Spycatcher” trial before entering business where he enjoyed a successful career with Goldman Sachs and launched multiple technology based businesses in Australia. 

Since leaving politics, Mr Turnbull has resumed his business career, including as a senior adviser at KKR and speaks regularly at global conferences.